Actors usually need to make up stories to be remembered. In my case, my life is so extraordinary that there is no need to invent anything. In 2022 I escaped from the war in Ukraine, after 11 attempts I crossed the border from Mexico to the United States. I spent almost a month in the immigrant detention center, went through shelters and was subsequently granted asylum in the US. I now bring 10+ years acting experience to my new home in Los Angeles.
But less words. Watch my reel 🎬
"SergÉy — is money in the bank 🤑💵"
Victor Kruglov, my representative
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"You Are so    adorable😍"
 — my grandma.

Eastern Europe Tour Report

SERGÉY – Hurts (Snipped)

SERGÉY – La La La (U Wanna) Snipped 

Oh by the way!... I have an education 👨‍🎓 (if someone still cares about it these days)
"SergÉy — is a 10-year overnight success 🏆​​​​​​​"
Louis Colaiannispeech coach
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